Build your own B2b Trading marketplace by Alibaba clone

Business to Business (B2B) is the concept of transactions between various businesses platforms; Say for example transaction between manufacturer and wholesaler, transaction between wholesaler and a retailer. B2B sits like Alibaba is provide single platform to communicate manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer.

Alibaba Clone script provides everything you required to establish professional B2b trading portal like Alibaba. This clone allows you to reach at small and medium sized buyers from any country of the world with efficient web platform. NCrypted websites launch powerful Alibaba clone with high-end features that focus to great foundation recommended the perfect trading portal. This clone is flexible enough to manage or customize as per your requirement.

Features of NCrypted’s Alibaba Clone:

Member profile: Alibaba clone script provide profile page for each member that include all detail about member like products, purchase, sell

  • User allowed adding multiple categories that makes convenient browsing.
  • Allows to add sell and buy offer
  • Amazing Image gallery for products photos
  • Forum section to discuss about products
  • Description section for each product to describe in brief
  • User can watch latest updates regarding trades and latest deals from home page
  • User friendly CMS

Alibaba Clone

We will discuss about user profile module in this article with brief detail:

Profile Module – The initial stage of profile module is Profile home page. When user will login with his account, He will automatically redirect to his profile page. User can do following task from their home page of profile:

  • He can see profile is verified or not.
  • Upgrade membership
  • Upload photo
  • To DO list
  • Display products